Title index

   α,β-Peptides containing pyrrolidine-based β-residues as useful tools for neuropeptide Y receptor-subtype selectivity
Thomas Ertl, Chiara Cabrele*, Armin Buschauer, Oliver Reiser
   α,β-Unsaturated Diazoketones as Useful Platforms in the Synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles
Antonio Burtoloso*
   10 Step Asymmetric Total Synthesis and Stereochemistry of (+)-Dragmacidin D
Jeffrey Jackson*, Armen Zakarian
   1-Aza-3,4-diphospholides - Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity
Riccardo Suter*, Zoltan Benkö, Hansjörg Grützmacher
   A 50 Year Infatuation/Obsession with 1,3-Dipoles
Albert Padwa*
   A Bioinspired Approach to Tricyclic Spiroacetal-fused gamma-Lactones
Jian Wang, Rongbiao Tong*
   A Concise and Atom-Economical Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling Reaction Using Unactivated Trialkyl- and Triarylboranes with Aryl Halides
Yong-Li Zhong*, Hongmei Li, Cheng-yi Chen, Ashley E. Ferraro, Dengjin Wang
   A Divergent Stereocontrolled Synthesis of the Enantiopure Tetracyclic Cores of Asparagamine A and Stemofoline via an Intramolecular 2-Propylidine-1,3-(bis)silane Bicyclization
Thomas Livinghouse*, Bryon Anderson, Bryce Sunsdahl
   A Green and Efficient Protocol for the Synthesis of NovelPyrazolo[3,4-b]quinolines via a One-pot, Three-component ReactionUnder Solvent-free Conditions.
Majid heravi*, Behnoosh Alimadai, Niusha Nazari
   A new synthesis of heterocycles from o-subsituted aryl benzyl ethers
R. Alan Aitken*, Andrew D. Harper
   A novel [3+2] cycloaddition reaction of allenoate and isoquinoline
Xueshun Jia*, Zhiqiang Liu, Jian Li
   A Straightforward Access to the Chiral Cyclopentadienes via Intramolecular Metal Carbene/Carbenoid Cascade Transformations
Xinfang Xu*
   Acyclic Nucleoside Phosphonates Containing A Second Phosphonate Group As Potent Inhibitors Of 6-Oxopurine Phosphoribosyltransferases With Antimalarial Activity
Petr Spacek*, Dianne T. Keough, Zlatko Janeba, Michael D. Edstein, Marina Chavchichd, Tzu-Hsuan Wang, Luke W. Guddat, Dana Hockova
   Amine Enables the Switching between Iminolactonization and Olefination
Takashi Nishikata*, Kohei Itonaga, Norihiro Yamaguchi, Yuki Inoue, Michinori Sumimoto
   An Efficient Process for the Synthesis of Perfluoroalkylated Benzazepines
Xuechun Sun, Jing Han, Jie Chen, Hui Zhang, Weiguo Cao*
   An Efficient Synthesis of Tetrahydroimidazo[1,2-a]pyrazines via Tandem Multicomponent Reaction
Volodymyr Kysil*, Haiji Xia, Vasiliy Stolyarenko, Alan Tsavloev, Alexandre Ivachtchenko
   Application of C-H Functionalization Reactions to the Synthesis of Novel Heterocycles
Andre Charette*
   Asymmetric Aldol reaction of isatins with alkanones using an amino amide organocatalyst
Jo Kimura*, Yoshihito Kohari, Yuko Okuyama, Eunsang Kwon, Chigusa Seki, Koji Uwai, Michio Tokiwa, Mitsuhiro Takeshita, Hiroto Nakano
   Asymmetric Conjugate Addition of Alkylzirconocenes to Cyclopentene-3,5-dione Monoacetals.
Emeline Rideau*, Florian Maesing, Stephen Fletcher
   Asymmetric Diels-Alder reaction of anthrones with dienophiles using a basic amino alcohol organocatalyst
Jun Kumagai*, Teppei Otuki, Yoshihito Kohari, Chigusa Seki, Koji Uwai, Yuko Okuyama, Eunsang Kwon, Hiroto Nakano
   Asymmetric Synthesis of α-Quaternary Substituted Aziridine-2-carboxylates and Application to Amino Acid Synthesis
Maurice Marsini*
   Asymmetric synthesis of β-lactams by gas phase pyrolysis
R. Alan Aitken*, Anna Meehan, Lynn A. Power, Léa Ward
   Asymmetric synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and their synthetic applications by cyclic ylides formation followed by enantioselective addition sequences
Hiroyuki Suga*, Rinnosuke Oda, Takashi Bando, Takayuki Yoshida, Yasunori Toda
   Asymmetric Synthesis of Poison Dart Frog Indolizidine Alkaloids
Yu-Jang Li*, Chung-Chien Hou, Kuei-Chen Chang, Rou-Jie Huang, Yu-Fu Liang, Lee-Ya Wang
   Biomimetic Approach toward the Total Synthesis of rac-2-(Acylmethylene)pyrrolidine Alkaloids
Tun-Cheng Chien*
   Biomimetic Synthesis of Phenylethanoid Alkaloids
Patrick Brown*, Andrew Lawrence
   Brønsted Acid Catalysis - Concepts and Applications in the Synthesis of Heterocycles
Magnus Rueping*
   Building blocks for the synthesis of oligopyrroles and indolo analogues
Ruisheng Xiong*, Eszter Borbas
   Can Ketones Be Productive Dienophiles For IEDDA Reactions?
Kai Yang, Qun Dang, Xu Bai*
   Carbaporphyrins and Beyond: The Quest for Quatyrin
Timothy Lash*
   Catalytic One-Step Synthesis of Unprotected Piperazines, Morpholines and Thiomorpholines using SnAP Reagents
Michael U. Luescher*, Jeffrey W. Bode
   Catch & Release Drug Delivery System – Heterocycles, Bioorthogonal Chemistry and Implantable Biomaterials Optimize the Pharmacokinetics of Systemic Small Molecules
Jose Mejia Oneto*, Munish Gupta, J. Kent Leach, LeAnn Lindsay, Jane Sykes, Maksym Royzen
   C-H insertions in oxidative gold catalysis: Synthesis of bicyclic dihydropyran-3-ones from in situ generated α-oxo gold carbenes through the relay of vinyl cation intermediates
Zhitong Zheng*, Liming Zhang
   Complex Natural Products as a Driving Force for Discovery in Organic Chemistry
Brian Stoltz*
   Convergent synthesis of the ent-ZA’B’C’D’ ring system of maitotoxin
Tatsuo Saito*, Tadashi Nakata
   Copper-Catalyzed Regioselective 2-Arylation of 5-Substituted Tetrazoles under Mild Conditions
Takuya Onaka*, Hideaki Umemoto
   Cross-dehydrogenative C-H Bond Silylation of Aromatic Heterocycles by an Earth-abundant Metal Catalyst
Anton Toutov*, Wen-Bo Liu, Kerry Betz, Alexey Fedorov, Brian Stoltz, Robert Grubbs
   Cross-dehydrogenative silylation of non-aromatic C-H bonds by an Earth-abundant metal catalyst
Anton Toutov, Kerry Betz*, Wen-Bo Liu, Brian Stoltz, Robert Grubbs
   Deprotonated α-Aminonitriles as versatile Building Blocks for the construction of N-Heterocycles
Mario Geffe, Nancy Blank, Dennis Imbri, Günther Lahm, Till Opatz*
   Design of a free radicals process, based on xanthates chemistry, to produce new synthetic and optically actives (α and β) amino acids
Luis Germán López-Valdez*, Holber Zuleta-Prada, Benito Reyes-Trejo, Diana Guerra-Ramirez
   Developing a library of heterocycles to fight neglected diseases
Flavio Emery*
   Development and application of 2-azanorbornylmethanols as a cage type amino alcohol organocatalyst
Ayumi Ogasawara*, Yoshihito Kohari, Chigusa Seki, Koji Uwai, Eunsang Kwon, Yuko Okuyama, Hiroto Nakano
   Development and Application of StackPhos, A New Chiral Biaryl Heterocyclic Ligand for Enantioselective Catalysis
Aaron Aponick*
   Development of Aminooxazoline Xanthene-based β-Amyloid Cleaving Enzyme (BACE1) Inhibitors with Improved Selectivity Towards Cathepsin D (CatD)
Jonathan Low*, Michael Bartberger, Jian Jeffery Chen, Alan Cheng, Robert Dunn II, Dean Hickman, Ana Minatti, Hugo Vargas, Paul Wen, Jonathan Werner, Douglas Whittington, Stephen Wood, Ryan White, Yuan Cheng
   Development of an Expedient Process for the Multi-Kilogram Synthesis of Chk1 Inhibitor GDC-0425
Andreas Stumpf*, Zhigang Ken Cheng, Remy Angelaud, Lewis Gazzard
   Development of Chiral Auxiliaries and Catalysts from Proline Hydantoin
Costa Metallinos*
   Development of new antiviral candidate molecules using organocatalyzed asymmetric Diels-Alder reaction of 1,2-dihydropyridines with dienophiles as a key reaction
Ryohei Takagi*, Yoshihito Kohari, Chigusa Seki, Koji Uwai, Eunsang Kwon, Yuko Okuyama, Mitsuhiro Takeshita, Michio Tokiwa, Hiroto Nakano
   Development of New Higher-Order Carbocyclization Reactions: Emulating Terpene Biosynthesis
P. Andrew Evans*
   Discovery and Optimization of Novel Inhibitors of the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore
Sudeshna Roy*, Justina Šileikyte, Marco Schiavone, Benjamin Neuenswander, Michael Hedrick, Thomas Chung, Jeffrey Aubé, Michael Forte, Paolo Bernardi, Frank Schoenen
   Discovery of 4-Aryl-N-arylcarbonyl-2-aminothiazoles as Hec1/Nek2 Inhibitors. Part I: Optimization of In Vitro Potencies and Pharmacokinetic Properties
Jiann-Jyh Huang*
   Domino Strategies for Syntheses of Natural Products and New Molecular Scaffolds
Krishna Kaliappan*
   Efficient Synthesis of Fused Imidazole Containing Ring Systems via Dual Oxidative Amination of C(sp3)-H bonds
Georgette M. Castanedo*, Marie-Gabrielle Braun, James Crawford
   Efficient Synthesis of Indene-Aldehyde Derivatives Catalyzed by Secondary Amine Catalysts
HUI MAO*, Jung Woon YANG
   Efficient Synthesis of Nitrogen-containing Medium Rings with Ynamides
Yousuke Yamaoka*, Nao Takeuchi, Ken-ichi Yamada, Kiyosei Takasu
   Elucidation of the Structure and Stereochemistry of the Metabolites of the HCV Protease Inhibitor Faldaprevir
Carl Busacca*
   Enantioselective 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions reaction of nitrones with α,β-unsaturated aldehydes promoted by a primary siloxy β-amino alcohol organocatalyst
Teppei Otuki*, Jun Kumagai, Yoshihito Kohari, Yuko Okuyama, Eunsang Kwon, Chigusa Seki, Koji Uwai, Yasuteru Mawatari, Nagao Kobayashi, Tatsuo Iwasa, Michio Tokiwa, Mitsuhiro Takeshita, Hiroto Nakano
   Enantioselective aza-Henry Reaction of Arylnitromethane using Homogeneous Brønsted Acid-Base Catalyst under Intermittent-Flow Conditions with a Recycle
Sergey Tsukanov*, Martin Johnson, Scott May, Jeffrey Johnston, Matthew Yates
   Enantioselective N-heterocyclic carbene catalysis with ester substrates.
David Lupton*
Geraldine Masson*
   Enantioselective Synthesis of Hemiaminals via Pd-Catalyzed C-N coupling with Chiral Bisphosphine Mono-Oxides
Hongming Li*, Kevin Belyk, Jingjun Yin, Qinghao Chen, Alan Hyde, Matthew Tudge, Louis-Charles Campeau, Kevin Campos
   Enantioselective Synthesis of Heterocycles from Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds
F. Dean Toste*
   Enantiospecific coupling of secondary and tertiary boronic esters.
Marcin Odachowski*
   Epimerization-free Cu-catalyzed peptide activation and cyclization
Jan van Maarseveen*, Stanimir Popovic, Linda Wijsman, Henk Hiemstra
   Exploration of new synthetic methodologies for the synthesis of heterocyclic scaffolds
R T Pardasani*, Devesh Sawant, Shivani Sharma
   Formal Total Synthesis of (±)-Cycloclavine
Natalie Netz*, Till Opatz
   Formation of quinoline skeleton from chalcone: The effect of amino protective group to the reactivity of 2-aminochalcone
Tomohiro Maegawa*, Akira Nakamura, Yasuyoshi Miki
   Fragment Coupling Using Bimolecular Free-Radical Reactions
Larry Overman*
   Fragment-Based Approach Toward Lactate Dehydrogenase A (LDHA) Inhibitors
Jacques Briand, Kristin Brown, Nino Campobasso, Kevin Duffy, Mark Elban, Don Huddler, Terry Hughes, Beth Knapp-Reed*, Yiqian Lian, Angela Smallwood
   Functional Heterocyclic π-Systems by Multicompoment and Domino Syntheses
Thomas J. J. Müller*
   Gold catalysis in the synthesis of heterocycles
Liming Zhang*
   Hantzsch-type Reaction of β-Formyl-β-nitroenamine: Multi-component Synthesis of 4-Substituted-3,5-dinitro-1,4-dihydropyridine
Haruyasu Asahara*, Mai Hamada, Nagatoshi Nishiwaki
   Heterocycle Synthesis from Quinols
Jing Wu*, Jinzhu Zhang, Shengping Zheng
   Hydrazine-Catalyzed Direct Inverse Electron Demand Diels-Alder Reactions of 1,3,5-triazines with Ketones
Kai Yang*, Qun Dang, Xu Bai
   Improved Stability of Proline-derived Direct Thrombin Inhibitors through Hydroxyl to Heterocycle Replacement
Harry Chobanian*, Barbara Pio, Yan Guo, Hong Shen, Mark Huffman, Maria Madeira, Gino Salituro, Jenna Terebetski, James Ormes, Nina Jochnowitz, Lizbeth Hoos, Yuchen Zhou, Dale Lewis, Brian Hawes, Lyndon Mitnaul, Kim O'Neill, Kenneth Ellsworth, Liangsu Wang, Tesfaye Biftu, Joseph Duffy
   Indole Directed C-H Activation: Direct Synthesis of Functionalized Carbazole from Indoles via Triple C-H Activation
Akhilesh Verma*
   Investigation of Some Functionalization Reactions of 1-Amino-5-aroyl-4-aryl-1H-pyrimidine-2-one/-thione Compounds with Dialkyl Acetylenedicarboxylates and Ethyl 2-chloroacetoacetate
Elif KORKUSUZ*, Cihat Yüce
   Investigation of the regioselectivity of thermal cyclization reactions in gas and liquid phase high temperature flow reactors
Richard Jones, Gellert Sipos, Laszlo Lengyel, Gyorgy Dorman, Laszlo Kcosis, Heather Graehl*, Ferenc Darvas
   Laboratory and practical synthesis of Suvorexant, a selective dualorexin receptor antagonist
Satoyuki Takahara*, Daisuke Minehira, Isao Adachi, Naoki Toyooka
   Lewis acid-catalyzed cyclization reactions of amides of ethenetricarboxylates
Shoko Yamazaki*, Mamiko Niina
   "Life is Heterocyclic" (Metalation)
Victor Snieckus*
   Mangrolide A – A Novel Marine-Derived Antibiotic with Activity Against Gram-Negative Pathogens
Jef De Brabander*
   Merging Enamine Catalysis with Hard Metal Lewis Acid Catalysis for Asymmetric Organic Transformations
Hong Wang*, Zhenghu Xu, Yongming Deng, Philias Daka
   Mimicking the Molybdenum Cofactor by Synthesis of Molybdenum-Pterin Complexes.
Ivan Trentin*, Carola Schulzke
   Molecular Gymnastics: bond formation with rearrangements
Nuno Maulide*
   Molecular Rearrangements of Furan Heterocycles
Javier Read de Alaniz*
   New access to bicyclic heterocyclic structures bearing a fused nitropyrazole
Thibaud Alaime*, Eric Pasquinet, Franck Suzenet, Gérald Guillaumet
   New Methods for Amide Bond formation and Oxazole Synthesis
Aysa Pourvali*, Craig Hutton
   New Solvent-free Synthesis of Norbornenes Derived from Maleimides
Ingridhy O. M. F da Silveira, Cristiane Winck, Dênis Pires de Lima, Adilson Beatriz, Roberto da Silva Gomes*
   Nitrogen Dense Heterocycles as Antibiotic Adjuvants
Christian Melander*
   N-methylmelamines as precursors for new polymers
Herbert Gabriel, Martin Irrgeher, Manuela List*, Clemens Schwarzinger
   Novel 5-nitrosopyrimidines and their physicochemical properties
Lucie Cechova*, Eliska Prochazkova, Zlatko Janeba, Martin Dracinsky
   Novel quercetin diacylglycosides as potent anti-MRSA and anti-VRE agents
Abugafar M L Hossion*, Yoshito Zamami, Kenji Sasaki
   Novel Strategies for the Preparation of Functionalizable Heterocyclic Motifs
Andrew Flick*, Chulho (Charlie) Choi, Dan Schmitt, Alexandria Taylor, James Mousseau, Alpay Dermenci, Ming Chen, Niyi Fadeyi, Christophe Allais, Jotham Coe, Jessica Williams, Brian Gerstenberger, Stephen Wright, Xiaojing (Helen) Yang, Yvette Fobian, Bobby Kyne
   Old Methods to New Targets: Accessing Highly Functionalized Heterocycles for Drug Development
Christopher Borths*
   One-pot synthesis of aryl thiophenes using NaHSO4/SiO2 and Na2CO3/SiO2
Mamiko Hayakawa*, Tadashi Aoyama, Akihiko Ouchi
   One-pot Synthesis of cyclic analogues of hexamethylenebis(3-pyridine)amide (HMBPA)
Eduardo González-Zamora*, Angel Zamudio-Medina, Ma. Carmen García-González, Atilano Gutierrez-Carrillo
   One-pot two-step cross-coupling approach towards the synthesis of novel unsymmetrical polycarbo-substituted imidazo[1,2-c]quinazolines
Malose Mphahlele, Tebogo Khoza*
   One-step syntheses of 2-pyrrolidinones and 3-pyrrolidinones from α,β-unsatured diazoketones and amines
Rafael Dias*, Antonio Burtoloso
   Optimization of Pim Kinase Inhibitors: Heterocyclic Chemistry and Macrocycles in a Pyrrole Series of Compounds
Victor Cee*
   Organotextile Catalysis
   Ortholactone Spiroketal Fragment Couplings: A Convergent Approach to Complex Natural Products.
Matthew Cook*, Kate Baddeley
   Palladium-Catalyzed Amidation by Chemoselective C(sp3)-H functionalization: Concise Route to Oxindoles and its application
Chihiro Tsukano*, Masataka Okuno, Takeshi Nanjo, Nobusuke Muto, Yoshiji Takemoto
   Polysubstituted pyrimidines: biological and chemical properties
Zlatko Janeba*
   Practical Asymmetric Electrophilic Amination of Silyl Enol Ether Derivatives via the Nitrosocarbonyl Ene Reaction
David Sandoval, Andrey Samoshin*, Javier Read de Alaniz
   Practical Synthesis of N-Substituted Cyanamides as N-C-N Building Blocks for Heterocycle Synthesis
Tun-Cheng Chien*
   Preparation and Reactions of 2-Functionalized-4, 5-diaryloxazoles: Synthesis of Extended Diaryloxazole Scaffolds
Frederick Luzzio*, Pravin Patil
   Production of Antimicrobial Silver and Magnetite nanoparticles Using Natural Products based on Rosin And Murrh Gums[1]
hamad al-lohedan*
   Progress Toward the Synthesis of Novel Heterocyclic Compounds via Diels-Alder Reactions, Including Microwave Promotion
Douglas Armstrong*, Kristen Richey
   Protecting Group Free Enantiospecific Total Synthesis of Structurally Diverse Natural Products of Four Different Classes
   Pyrazoloquinazolinones and benzimidazoquinazolinones via a 3 + 3 N-acylation-SNAr strategy
Richard A. Bunce*, Krishna Kumar Gnanasekaran, Nagendra Prasad Muddala
   Rapid Composition of Tricyclic Spiranoid Lactones: Access to Natural and Unexplored Frames
Dmitry Tsvelikhovsky*
   Recent Progress in the Synthesis of Natural Products
John Wood*
   Regioselective functionalizations of thiazolotriazoles and imidazothiadiazoles
Sylvain Routier*, Gérald Guillaumet, Frédéric Buron, Chloé Copin, Mikaël Le Meur
   Regioselective Synthesis, X-ray and DFT studies of new Indazolyl-thiazole derivatives
Ram Pal Chaudhary*, Deepika Gautam, Poonam Gautam
   Reversible Oxidation of 40π Antiaromatic Expanded Isophlorins into a Polaron Pair
Neelam Shivran*, Venkataramanarao G. Anand, Kiran Reddy Baddigam
   Scale Up of Azaindole Compound VRT-200: A Story of Synthetic Evolution
Colin Liang*, Ed Dorsch, John Cochran, Ioana Davies, Huai Gao, Michael Clark, Paul Charifson
   Sequential Michael Addition and Enamine-Promoted Inverse Electron Demanding Diels-Alder Reaction upon 3-Vinyl-1,2,4-Triazine Platforms
Magali Lorion, Gérald Guillaumet, Jean-François Brière, Franck Suzenet*
   Sequential Ugi/Palladium-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidative Cyclization: novel TetrahydroIndeno[1,2-b]Pyrrolidines Synthesis
Tannya R. Ibarra-Rivera*, Ma. Rocio Gamez-Montano, Eugenio Hernandez-Fernandez, Veronica M. Rivas-Galindo, Manuel A. Renteria-Gomez, Orlando Escalon Campos, Noemi Herminia Waksman de Torres
   Simple and efficient alkylation of 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds and synthesis of 4H-chromenes using NaHSO4/SiO2
Tadashi Aoyama*, Mamiko Hayakawa, Akihiko Ouchi
   Small Molecules for Treatment of Retinal Degenerative Diseases
Christopher Lindsey*, Craig Beeson, Baerbel Rohrer, Yuri Peterson, Nathan Perron, Cecile Nasarre, Mausumi Bandyopadhyay, Richard Comer, Kimberly Casalvieri
   Stereodivergent Synthesis of Decahydroquinoline-Type Poison Frog Alkaloids -Part 1-
Takuya Okada*, Katsuki Takashima, Jungo Ishimura, Yuki Nakagawa, Naoki Wada, Masashi Kawasaki, Naoki Toyooka
   Stereodivergent Synthesis of Decahydroquinoline-Type Poison Frog Alkaloids -Part 2-
Takuya Okada*, Katsuki Takashima, Jungo Ishimura, Yuki Nakagawa, Naoki Wada, Masashi Kawasaki, Naoki Toyooka
   Stereoselective synthesis of oxa- and aza-cycles using reactions of alkynes
Santosh Gharpure*
   Structural Modifications of Quinoidal Molecules towards Bioactive and Fluorescent Heterocycles
Gleiston Dias, Brenno Neto, José Corrêa, Claudia Pessoa, Bruno Cavalcanti, Antonio Braga, Solange de Castro, Rubem Menna-Barreto, Eufrânio da Silva Júnior*
   Structure-Activity Relationship of Matrine Type Alkaloids Part 24; Synthesis and Antinociception of 3-Arylpiperidine Derivatives.
Hiroyoshi Teramoto*, Jun-ichi Koizumi, Toshiyuki Shimekake, Hirotaka Minomata, Shigeru Sasaki, Takayasu Yamauchi, Kimio Higashiyama
   Studies in Natural Product Synthesis
Phil Baran*
   Studies Toward the Synthesis of Daphnicyclidin A
David R Williams*
   Study on interaction of novel heteroaryl chalcones with calf thymus DNA using molecular docking and spectroscopic techniques
Paresh N Patel*, Anju Chadha
   Synthesis and application of 2-substituted 1,1-diphenyl-2,4-dihydro-1H-benzo[d][1,3]oxaphosphinin-1-ium
Wenhua Huang*, Hong-Ying Rong, Jie Xu
   Synthesis and Conformational Studies of Small Molecule Macrocyclic Inhibitors of ALK/ROS1 - Discovery of PF-06463922
Paul Richardson*, Ted Johnson, Jacqui Hoffman, Neal Sach, Simon Bailey, Mingying He, Michael Collins, Phuong Le, Bryan Li, Graham Smith, Jeff Elleraas
   Synthesis and Fungicidal Activity of Substituted 1-(1-tert-butyl-1H-imidazol-4-yl)-1H-1,2,3-triazoles
Mikhail Dubovis*, Gennady Rudakov, Alexander Kulagin, Ksenia Tsarkova, Sergey Popkov, Victor Zhilin
   Synthesis and in vitro NMR and phantom MRI studies of TEMPO-Glc and TEEPO-Glc, potential contrast agents for MRI
Maiju Soikkeli*, Jari Kavakka, Sami Heikkinen
   Synthesis and Up-Scaling of Finerenone, a Novel Potent and Selective Oral Non-Steroidal Mineralo-Corticoid Receptor (MR) Antagonist
Johannes Platzek*
   Synthesis of 1,2-dihydroisoquinolines via radical cyclization and elimination of (E)-N-(2-bromobenzyl)-N-(2-(phenylthio)vinyl)acetamide
   Synthesis of 2-formylpyrroles using a Maillard approach: Elucidation of the bioactive pharmacophore in traditional Chinese medicines
James Wood*, Daniel Furkert, Margaret Brimble
   Synthesis of a Heterocyclic Pharmaceutical Intermediate via an Intramolecular Asymmetric [3+2] Nitrone/Olefin Cycloaddition
Stanley Kolis*
   Synthesis of a Highly Functionalized Octahydro-Isoindole-Based NK1 Receptor Antagonist
Jeff Kuethe*
   Synthesis of azabicyclic natural product analogues aiming at biological activity
Christian Stevens*, Thomas Heugebaert, Melissa Vanovertveldt, Iris Wauters
   Synthesis of cotinine and iso-cotinine analogs using an Ugi-4CR approach
L. Angel Polindara-Garcia, Dario Montesinos-Miguel, Alfredo Vazquez*
   Synthesis of fluorescein derivatives by Multicomponent Friedel-Crafts reaction using Niobium pentachloride as Lewis acid
Bruno Henrique Sacoman Torquato da Silva*, Lucas Michelão Martins, Luiz Carlos da Silva Filho
   Synthesis of functionalized indoles under continuous flow conditions
Frédéric Buron*, Joseph D'Attoma, Grégoire Cozien, Stéphane Bostyn, Sylvain Routier
   Synthesis of Heterocycles By Cyclizations and Functionalizations
janine Cossy*
   Synthesis of Highly Functionalized 4-Aminoquinolines
Tim Wezeman*, Sabilla Zhong, Stefan Bräse
   Synthesis of hybrid-1,5 disustituted Tetrazoles by Ugi-azide reaction
Margaret Brimble*
   Synthesis of nitrogen analogues of bioactive lignans
Eunkyung Jung*, David Barker
   Synthesis of planar-chiral phase-transfer catalysts incorporating hydroxyl methyl pyridinophane moieties and their use for catalytic asymmetric reactions
Seiju Komaki*, Megumi Imada, Nobuhiro Kanomata
   Synthesis of Poison-Frog Alkaloids
Naoki Toyooka*
   Synthesis of Potent Anti-Inflammatory Fungal Macrolactones
Johannes Tauber*, Till Opatz
   Synthesis of promising understudied heteroaromatic scaffolds for the drug discovery process
Paulo Eliandro da Silva Junior*, Vinícius Maltarollo, Arasu Ganesan, Gustavo Henrique Goulart Trossini, Flavio da Silva Emery
   Synthesis of pyrazine-pyrane-dithiolene complexes mimicing specific features of the molybdenum cofactor (MoCo)
Claudia Schindler*, Carola Schulzke
   Synthesis of tetraaryl-1,4-dihydropyrrolo-[3,2-b]pyrroles derivatives using niobium pentachloride
Lucas Michelão Martins*, Bruno Henrique Sacoman Torquato da Silva, Luiz Carlos da Silva Filho
   Synthetic Studies on N-Heterocyclic Natural Products
Hidetoshi Tokuyama*
   Synthetic Studies on Renieramycin T, an Antitumor Marine Natural Product
Masashi Yokoya*, Ryoko Toyoshime, Naoki Saito, Vy Le, Robert M. Williams
   Synthetic Studies Towards Citreoviranol
Rachelle Quach*, Daniel P. Furkert, Margaret A. Brimble
   Synthetic studies towards spiroindimicins B-D
Lachlan M. Blair*, Jonathan Sperry
   Synthetic Studies Towards the Marine Toxin Portimine
Harry Aitken*, Daniel Furkert, Margaret Brimble
   Talkative Molecules: Design and Synthesis of Functional Bodipy Compounds
Neelam Shivran*, S. Chattopadhyay
   Targeting Vector Borne Tropical Infectious Diseases with Heterocyclic Compounds
Kuan Chieh Ching, Yanbo Teng, Yiu-Wing Kam, Laurent Renia, Lisa FP Ng, Christina LL Chai*
   Teaching an old dog new tricks: chemical biology studies of pyrroloquinazolines
Bingbing Li, Jingjin Chen, Larry Daivd, Xiangshu Xiao*
   The Functionalization of C—H Bonds
M. Christina White*
   The second generation strategy of oligosaccharide synthesis via asymmetric intermolecular hydroalkoxylation of alkoxyallene
Soyeong Kang*, Young Ho Rhee
   The simple and versatile synthesis of tetrasubstituted pyrroles and subsequent functionalization
Tristan Reekie*, Giorgio Manenti, François Diederich
   The Total Synthesis of Gelsenicine via Platinum-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization
Eric Newcomb, Phillip Knutson, Blaine Pedersen, Eric Ferreira*
   To Phlegmarines and Beyond - Strategies for Efficiency and Diversity in Natural Product Synthesis
Ben Bradshaw*, Caroline Bosch, Carlos Luque-Corredera, Claudio Parra, Gisela Saborit Villarroya, Josep Bonjoch
   Total and Formal Syntheses of Heterocyclic Natural Products and Drugs by Matsuda-Heck-Reaction
Felix Wolf*, Bernd Schmidt
   Total Synthesis and Stereochemistry of (+)-Dragmacidin D
Jeffrey Jackson, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Armen Zakarian*
   Total Synthesis and Structural Revision of Muironolide A.
Kyle Young*, Qing Xiao, Armen Zakarian
   Total synthesis of (±)-azaspirene and racemization in aqueous media.
Takahiro Hasegawa*, Katuhito Nakazono, Kazunori Souma, Shun Hirasawa, Nobuhiro Kanomata
   Total synthesis of (3R,16E,20E,23R)-eushearilide
Takayasu Yamauchi*, Yuya Karino, Kaori Kumagai, Hironori Yoshizawa, Yuka Ebisawa, Minoru Kobayashi, Tatsuya Motegi, Shigeru Sasaki, Kimio Higashiyama
   Total Synthesis of (-)-Caprazamycin A
Hugh Nakamura*, Chihiro Tsukano, Motohiro Yasui, Yoshiji Takemoto
   Total Synthesis of (-)-Leuconoxine Featuring Mannich-type Intramolecular Cyclization and Chiral Phosphoric Acid-Catalyzed Desymmetrization
Kazuhiro Higuchi*, Shin Suzuki, Reeko Ueda, Norifumi Oshima, Emiko Kobayashi, Masanori Tayu, Shigeo Sugiyama, Tomomi Kawasaki
   Total Synthesis of Periploside A, a unique Pregnane Hexasaccharide with Potent Immunosuppressive Effects
Xiaheng Zhang, Biao Yu*
   Toward a nature-inspired, dual-catalytic method to dehydrogenate organic compounds
Erik Sorensen*, Julian West
   Towards Chemoselective Arylation Reactions of Peptides Using Triarylbismuthanes
Martin Hébert*, Adrien Le Roch, Marie-Jeanne Archambault, Alexandre Gagnon
   Towards the Total Synthesis of the Tetranortriterpene Gedunin
Craig Williams*
   Transcriptional Control of Cancer with Small Molecules: Towards Novel Therapeutics
Matthew Shair*
   Transition Metal-Catalyzed Cyclization of Enediynes to Benzopyranones, Carbazoles and Benzothiophenes
Ming-Jung Wu*
   Triazole synthesis by alkyne-azide cycloaddition using silver catalysis
   Tuberculosinyl Adenosines: Novel Terpene Nucleosides from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Jeffrey Buter*, David Young, Emilie Layre, Branch Moody, Adriaan J. Minnaard
   Unravelling the Organocatalytic Facet of Vasicine
Sushila Sharma*, Neeraj Kumar
   Visible light mediated deoxygenation and decarboxylation as key step for the synthesis of tetrahydrofurans and pyrrolidines.
Daniel Rackl, Viktor Kais, Christian Faderl, Eugen Lutsker, Georgiy Kachkovskyi, Oliver Reiser*
   What are Heterocyclic Mesomeric Betaines?
Christopher Ramsden*

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